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Tammy Marinaro, RN, BSc BHS, ARF-CP

Credentials and Certifications

Registered Nurse
Brennan Healing Science® Practitioner
Art of Raising Frequency - Certified Practitioner
Clinical Aromatherapist

Reiki Master
U.S. Nationally Certified Massage Therapist


Craniosacral Therapy
Sivananda Yoga Instructor
Personal Fitness Trainer

Aerobics Instructor

Diana Cooper School Keys to the Universe Facilitator

Diana Cooper School Transform Your Life Teacher

Diana Cooper School Lemurian Healing Teacher

Diana Cooper School Angel Teacher
Spiritual Medium


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About Tammy

Energy medicine and mediumship are my passions! 

My practice is an integration of my individuality, education, experience, and spirituality. My desires as a practitioner are to help clients to rediscover the fullness of their being; to live with true joy and passion; to feel well physically, emotionally, and mentally; and to help clients unleash their true potential to manifest the life they have always wanted.

My practice is not religion-based. I welcome all faiths and beliefs. I offer an environment and relationship of non-judgmental acceptance and support. My goal is to create a client-practitioner relationship that allows the client to be open and honest with themselves thus bringing forth that which is out of balance.

As a spiritual medium, I am in service to both the client and the world of spirit. Working in the sacred space of love, life, and connection that survives physical death is a miracle; and I honor and respect the privilege of being a medium. It brings me great joy and pleasure to share in reunions of love through mediumship.

I became aware of my mediumship through my healing practice. Sometimes, during a healing, a client’s loved one would come through to share information, insights, feelings, and to offer healing words. The healing a visit from the spirit world offered was a healing that I wanted to be able to provide to all my clients. Thus began my study of evidential spiritual mediumship and the development of my mediumship skills. I undertook a three-year mentorship with Mavis Pittilla, am currently mentoring with Lynn Probert, and trained with Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, and Chris Drew.

On a more personal note, I find nature awing and inspiring. I love animals. Animals are great teachers and masters of unconditional love. I love to smile. I feel the energy of a smile is one of the greatest gifts you can share. I am both a practitioner and a client.  My "dis-ease" and health challenges have helped me to gain insight and understanding that I could never have been taught. I have learned that the body speaks in many ways and that the greatest healing begins with choosing to listen.

Yours in healing ~ Many blessings,


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