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Sky Full of Light

MEDIUMSHIP READING Evidential Spiritual Mediumship

A Reunion With Your Loved Ones In The Spirit World

Reunions through mediumship are a unique experience. 


It is a remarkable experience to be able to communicate with those who have passed on to the world of Spirit.  I consider my ability to do so an honor and a privilege.


My goal in every mediumship reading is to bring forth the essence and personality of your loved one so that you feel that you are sharing precious time together. 


Whether your loved one shares memories, how they are present in your life now, or perhaps a message, you have the opportunity to be with them in this special way.  In these moments, there is an opportunity for joy, laughter, healing, and maybe even tears.  The potential of what may come from the love you share is unlimited.   


I feel blessed to be trusted by you, and your loved ones in the Spirit World.  Thank you for the opportunity to make a new friend in Spirit.

Private Reading   30 Minutes   $70.00

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