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“My healing with Tammy was amazing.  I wanted to feel more connected and in alignment with all that was going on in my life.  Tammy worked on my energy field in a caring compassionate manner and with a wisdom that was greater than her years.  She supported me to go deeper and really connect with who I am.  I could feel the blocks in my energy field activate and clear.  She connected with me on a deep level and I could feel her compassion, intuition and caring as she worked.  I have worked with lots of great healers and I would highly recommend Tammy for her knowledge, her compassion and her integrity.  An awesome experience."

M. Molloy RN, LMT, New York, USA

“Tammy’s easy professionalism and personality made it easy to relax and feel able to trust in the security that whatever was about to happen would be ok.

She was not fazed or judgmental about my issues and helped to bring understanding and acceptance to my mind and body.  The healing process was powerful and non-invasive and, from the first sessions, cleared deep feelings which had showed themselves as physical aches and pains that had been affecting my life.  I, now, feel able to move on and am open to better relationships and situations.

There is bound to be more healing needed in the future and I will go back to Tammy to continue where we left off.

The effects are on-going!  Thank you for the lovely energy and gift that you have nurtured.”     

P. Allen, Berkshire, England

"Tammy is an incredible healer. Her ability to help me connect more with true self was the beginning of a deepening spiral that has opened up places in me that I could never before reach. It is so easy to see that Tammy has a strong connection with her own inner life and mirrors that so well for her clients to trust how safe it feels with her."

K. Maher, Charleston, SC


"Thanks for one of the most amazing healings I’ve ever had.  I felt very safe, supported and comforted.  I was impressed with the way you followed your guidance and my body’s guidance to know exactly what was needed every step of the way.  I recommend everyone experience being held by your beautiful, loving essence.  Thank you!!"
Joyce Eells, Yukon, OK

“My experience with Tammy has been a remarkable healing journey!  With her impressive background in wellness and healing, she brings a tremendous synthesis of skills and modalities to the healing table. 


It is rare to find someone with such a broad base of healing modalities able to bring them into focus and offer them as Tammy does in her amazing ARF healing sessions.  ARF is a wonderful modality in itself, but Tammy offers the unique benefit of her training, talent, and expertise to every session.


Although in my personal experience as an energy worker I have received myriad modalities from a large variety of other practitioners, I have never before experienced the gentle, powerful, and lasting effects as in the ARF program delivered by Tammy.”


L. Connell, New York, USA

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